Anthracite 05
Pearl 23
White 01
Aquamarina 182
Denim 102
Smoke 87
Ice 20
Terracotta 186
Topazio 179
Corniola 180
Verbena 63
Wisteria 36
Marble 93
Camel 188
Tissanna 65
Mirtillo 51
Papavero 185
Giada 184
Note 92
Polynesia 171
Rosa 143
Sable 67
Rena 175
Cielo 169
Verde 178
Turchese 132
Mole 152
Blu polvere 187

Product Details

REM Flat Sheet. Do you remember the old heavy linen of the past? Forget it. Rem sheets are made with a softened linen in contemporary colours, finished on all four sides by a tall border, which gives them a traditional and soft feeling. Rem is a froissé fabric, an “evergreen” by Society Limonta. A true example of how you can give a new “design” attitude to even the most traditional fabric.

Rem sheets perfectly match all bed collections and are ideal for any season. They can be easily washed and don’t require ironing. The wide colour range is all garment dyed, a type of colouring process that gives a natural effect to each garment, highlighting the qualities of the fabric.

100% LINEN


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